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  • Tonight’s Dream

    It was a future where you could construct your own basketball team out of biopaste for the real life tournaments. I was watching someone create a team and he was skipping all the tutorial tips about useful thoughtful/important to winning parts. Instead he went right to giving them weird weaknesses and silly details and then…

  • I never get around to doing anything

    Game list!

  • The best thing I’ve seen at the 2014 Olympics so far

    It was the women’s 15 km Skiathlon and they got to the end and just… fell over. That said, I’d be dead on km 5 so good work, athletes. Been loving the women’s hockey matches, and can’t believe I’m seeing almost nothing in the news about them. They’re amazing! And the fact it’s Japan’s first…

  • Bumper Sticker On The Defiant

    Sister:  Man, Star Trek has such bad gun safety  Me:  Phasers don’t kill people, Klingons kill people Sister:  And then eat their hearts

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